New Single: "It Might Get Dark"

"It Might Get Dark" is the latest single from White Denim's new album, Performance! You can watch the lyric video and listen to the track on your favorite streaming service now.

Our new song "It Might Get Dark" is loosely based on an old White Denim motif called, "Pretty Boys and Girls." Though the trio performed the tune hundreds of times, "Pretty Boys and Girls" never landed on a record. We rewrote the absolute shit out of it, nodded to Loose Fur’s "Laminated Cats" in the new production and feel, stuck the "Mister Sandman" arpeggio in the bridge, and now the label execs and radio pluggers have determined that it’s the summer smash we’ve not necessarily been waiting for but ultimately perhaps deserve… We hope you enjoy the sprightly despair of "It Might Get Dark."

Performance, is out August 24th on City Slang Records.
Listen: "Magazin" + "It Might Get Dark"
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